Giovanni’s Original White Shrimp Truck®


About Giovanni's Aloha Foods® and Our Famous Shrimp Sauces!

What began as an unknown, white shrimp truck on Oahu, Hawaii's North Shore — Became a Legend! — Giovanni’s Original White Shrimp Truck®

Known for it's succulent shrimp morsels served up hot and tasty, Giovanni's Aloha Foods® has been pleasing palettes since 1994. And NOW YOU CAN BUY IT IN A BOTTLE! Made in the USA!

  • Giovanni's Hot & Spicy "We Really Mean It!" Sauce®
    A sauce almost as hot as volcanic lava, has been known to bring customers to their knees.
  • Giovanni's Scampi Marinade®
    Mild, but flavor-packed, has brought nothing but delight to customers.

Giovanni's Aloha Foods® is a member of the National Association for the Speciality Food TradeLearn about our licensing opportunities! Contact us for more information.

Our Customers Say

"There is one thing I really miss about Hawaii, your shrimp marinade! I left about 15 years ago and have searched from time to time to to see if you were still in business. No luck until today. I brought 20 bottles home when I moved back to Virginia. I have bragged about your marinade for years as the best food on the face of the earth!!! So glad I found this site. Customer for life. Thanks for a great product."

– Gerald

"I'm a shrimp truck addict for 12 years - nothing but Giovanni's! I didn't eat at the truck the first time I saw it (2000). It was just a truck melted into the dirt - covered in graffiti. Boy am I glad I asked someone if the legend was true - I went back to the truck and got my first taste of what has become my number one "to do" when I arrive for vacation!! Just so you know - everyone that's come to the truck after was me that sent them!! I know - you wondered where all those people came from. What can I say - when I like something - I tell everyone."

– Mike, Portland, Oregon

"Just to let you know we marinated 2 lb. 31/40 shrimp in the Giovanni scampi sauce and put them on the grill screen at medium heat 4 minutes on each side . Then we put them back in your sauce and served them . At first bite my brother-in-law said  "WOW!!!! GET ME A CASE OF THIS SAUCE". Thank you Giovanni."

– Mike Antonelli

"The hottest shrimp ever!"

– Allan Ciaport, Montpellier, France

"Best shrimp ever!"

– Yuki, Tokyo, Japan

"I miss talking to you and eating your incredible shrimp. I'll see you soon in paradise."

– Yasser Alexandria, Egypt

"You have been one of "A list" stops on out list of must see sights on Oahu As always it was the most scrumptious meal."

– Lou Harris San Mateo, California

"Thanks for serving some of Oahu's finest, tastiest, freshest shrimp scampi. We really enjoyed dining daily at the white shrimp truck, during our recent vacation. Your shrimp is the BEST!"

– Harry & Rochelle Pillion, University Heights

"We enjoyed the best shrimp of Oahu."

– Ann & Eric Appelt Nurnberg, Germany

"The thing I miss most is my shrimp fix."

– Pat & Clyde Jacobs Vancouver, Canada

"Still looking forward to seeing you and having your famous shrimp sauces."

– Gerda Vienna, Austria

"We think your shrimp scampi is the best we have eaten anywhere."

– Jim & Mary Jane West Lufkin, Texas

"Our friend told us to stop at the "White Shrimp Truck" in Kahuku, and we're glad we did! The garlic scampi was our family's overall favorite, and I loved the Hot & Spicy, I really mean it! I collect hot sauce from all over the place, Barbados to Belize, Louisiana to Los Angeles, and your secret African Roots and spice are truly unique. I can't wait till you start bottling it."

– Eddie, Terry & Jacob Coleman, Venice, California